Thursday, December 22, 2005

slip sliding away....

time that is. I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post. I really don't know how those daily posters do it.

We celebrated Christmas with my family last night and are headed for Seattle. We've a funeral to go to, Kimmy's birthday to celebrate and then Christmas.

OTN: jaywalker socks...third time is a charm for the heel right????!?!?!? I sure hope so. Sigh.

My favorite yarns so far...
Aurora 8 - made fingerless mittens that are warm and cozy.
Malabrigo - the softest merino...i could just cozy up with the skeins and be happy, well, almost.
Knit Picks sock garden - the colors aren't my favorites, but it is knitting up nicely and I can't wait to wear the jaywalker socks...also, the price is right.
Socks that rock - merino - love the yarn, just gotta find the right pattern for it
Koigu - knit Charlotte's web and love the yarn. I want to try making some socks with it sometime.
Frog Tree alpaca - the very softest alpaca I've felt and so warm & fuzzy to knit with.

My favorite pattern so far...
Rogue. Hands down favorite. Was just the right combination of cables with easy straight knitting and great shaping, the hood, everything. Made it with Malabrigo and Idon't mind the pilling since it feels so warm and soft.

My favorite needles...I'm not too picky. Like the addi turbos (of course), bamboo circulars for those slippery yarns, and I'm knitting the jaywalkers with lantern moon dps I got for my bday. The lantern moons are very pretty, but for this size, not much different than using the clover bamboo dps. Then there is the Denise set for all those travel projects when I'm not sure which size will get me the right gauge.

I'm off to pack...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I did it!

Nothing like success to make my morning...voila! My first picture (and not to be my last). This is a small hat I knit that I attached to the front of a card for my nephew, Eliott's baby shower...

the monthly blogger

Seems a bit difficult to post more than once a month. Arghh! I am thinking about signing up for the secret pal 7 swap, but am wondering how much time & effort I will actually be able to give the secret pal...

I still need to figure out how to post pics...

Projects on the needles:
Veronik Avery's Three penny pullover from IK using Malabrigo in a pink color.
A long leftover spiral scarf....gotta finish it before it turns 2!

My knitting project wish list includes....
Whitby socks - Nancy Bush
Jaywalker socks
An aran sweater

On the non-knitting side of things I've been getting ready for Christmas...buying presents, making presents, wrapping presents. My craft room is a total mess and I am too afraid to try and post a pic of it!

The kids are fine except #2 is home from school today with a fever. Hope she's better by Friday so she doesn't miss out on the holiday party stuff at school. The other 2 have sniffles....pray, pray, pray they all return to wellness as we've a busy weekend ahead.