Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Baby Sweater FO...

It has been a long time since my last post, but I've been busy! Summer ended with a big bang - Family Camp with Living Hope Bible Church. Fun! I helped with Kids Camp which included me having to tell them my age (old) and showing them that I cannot hoola hoop.

I gave the baby sweater to a dear friend of mine who had a baby boy on Sept. 20th. Very sweet baby, hope he likes the sweater.

I frogged the 1x1 scarf...I lost interest in the repetition after a couple of inches.

I also started and finished a chevron scarf using STR lightweight - lemon grass and flower power. Turned out nice and it will be a gift for a certain niece of mine.

[just imagine the photo until I find where I stashed it on the hard drive.]

Finished, with a bit of groaning about the blocking, was a Hemlock blanket - also a gift for someone. I want to make another lap blanket, but not with the wavy edging - it was a pain to block.


Montego Bay Scarf

Cobblestone Pullover

socks - Tofutsie yarn

FLAK (yes, still not done yet)

Secret Stuff - a.k.a. various Christmas presents...


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