Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sorry for the gap....

I've been busy knitting and knitting....
I finished Rogue! Yippee. I know that this Malabrigo yarn won't wear will and pills are coming soon, but I love the soft feel of it.

I'm knitting baby hats to be felted using alpaca yarn. Yum! I'm also knitting some baby booties with Rowan cashsoft in a pale pink. Hat pattern is in Knit One, Felt Two and the booties are in 50 baby booties (or something like that) which I got at the Crafts Americana/Knitpicks store for $6.99.

I got the dp needles to finish Eris...but she's just not as cool as Rogue. But I only have the sleeves to go so I'd better just knuckle down and finish her.

I bought some fun red cotton yarn to make something for Kristen. I also ordered the Modular Knits book and saw a poncho pattern that was cool. Things just percolating in my brain.

Other things on the radar...fixed the blinds with cord from a blind store. Got new tires for the car...and got to knit for an hour!