Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What I knit while watching the Olympics...

My present!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

hanging my head in shame

That would be me. How woefully I lack dedication to posting. I guess it is because I blog for myself. Just call me selfish. It is nice to have an online site to keep track of my projects and post a few pictures. That way if anyone wants to see something I can point them to my blog.

It's been crazy crafting-wise and I promise to post pictures later. The best news to report is that my Secret Pal sent me the coolest kit for needle felting! Yippee! I tried to share the excitement with my mom, but she just said, "looks like it takes a lot of work". Sigh. Like knitting isn't a lot of work (meaning to me time and effort). Well, I am excited and hoping to have a window of time to try it out! Thanks Secret Pal!

My main project has been the bridesmaids/matron/jr. dresses! Progress is being made and hopefully soon they will all be fitted and then I can just concentrate on finishing them up. That means hems and stitching down the lining and I don't care for hand sewing so I will have to really buckle down and just get it done.

I did start an "Olympics" knitting project though I didn't formally sign up for it. It is the latest pattern to download from IK. I am making it in DB Cashmerino and it is yummy! I am about 3/4 done or maybe more. My actual dealine date is this next weekend. We have a wedding to attend and this would be perfect over my new dress that I sewed (much cheaper than buying in this case). I also made a simple pullover shirt to go with a new jean skirt I got at Janeville. I love that store and it is sad that it is way across town. My mom did like the skirt and wanted it for her trip to Palm Springs. I offered to let her take mine and I'd get another one, but she is afraid they will run out and leave one of us in the lurch. So, my sister to the rescue. She lives near the store and I simply called her and asked her to pick one up for mom. I think that will make us all happy.

I also made some party favors for a bridal shower I'm coordinating. Just 2 more weeks until that is past. And that same day I get to go guitar shopping with my helpful expert-friends and shop for an electric bass. I am trying to hold my excitement level down!