Friday, August 11, 2006

My Knit Sock Kit Swap arrives!!!

Isn't it wonderful! Thanks to my swap pal, Heather, for all the socky, knitting goodness. The bag is so cool and it looks so professional. I love it! The yarn is Elann Espirit which looks yummy and the colors are pretty. I love the pattern and since this takes larger (US4) needles, it should be a fast knit! All the sooner to be wearing socks. The needles she sent are the coolest purple color and I am looking forward to using them. The tips are nice and pointy and the label says they're unbreakable which is good, cause I've been known to grip those poor bamboo ones tightly so they are permanently bent in a slight arc. There is a cute little sock purse...just right for putting place markers and such into. Heather also sent a postcard of "The Old Man of the Mountian" in New Hampshire as well as a cool keychain. The sweets are yummy, although the kids claimed the lifesavers as soon as they saw them! The soap is mine, though! Hands off! Thanks, Heather for the goodies and to Scout for organizing the swap. I sent my package to Bobbi and forgot to take a picture before it left, but you can see it here.

Monthly blogger

That's what I should have called my blog. Ah well, it's been a busy summer. As soon as we got back from vacation, we cleared out 4 rooms and painted them, recarpeted them and put in closet organizers. We are still unpacking, sorting and throwing away stuff. It feels good to be less cluttered. It will probably be another few weeks before we are back to normal (whatever that is).

I have been knitting and have lots of projects OTN:
Three Penny Pullover in Malabrigo (Interweave Knits, forget which issue)
FLAK (waiting until it's cooler to knit more)
Scarf from leftovers of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
Socks - pretty petals by J. Townsend - Knitpicks dye your own wool
Lacy Ribs
We went to the Clark County Fair. My Favorite Pictures are above.